Thursday, October 13, 2005

My global adventure

Yesterday afternoon I was waiting for Tegan to finish up work and so I vented my anger at Steve Jobs in the post that you can see below. After writing that, I looked down at my hit counter at the bottom of my page and discovered that my numbers had jumped about 200 or so overnight.

Mystified, I dug deeper into my hit counter statistics and discovered that my daily hits had indeed leapt from an average of 30 or so the over 300 in a single day!

Had I somehow hit on the holy grail. Had I “made it” in the blogging world?

I wasn't sure what I might have done that made it happen and then I remembered . . . the post I wrote on Tuesday night that linked to the Newsweek article on Mormons.

But was mentioning Mormons all that was necessary? Are the LDS that powerful?

At first I thought it was a mistake. But after some more investigating, I convinced myself that it was legitimate and that somehow, I jumped onto the wave of something at exactly the right moment. And, as you can see from the results from today, I'm back down to my customary numbers.

But I did pick up some (probably temporary) readers outside of the United States for the first time--Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

Now, if I can only get them to come back again . . . hmmmm.

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