Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Average Burb?

I've often (in my darker, more depressing days) thought of myself as average, not remarkable . . . just plain boring.

Now, I know that this is NOT true. I am fabulous, amazing, unique.

But still, we all possess elements of sameness--eating at McDonalds, driving Chevys, etc.

How average are you?

I can't claim to know how much candy I eat per month, but I do believe in God and go to church more than once a month (above average!).

I do drink the milk in the bowl. I recycle every week. I have AT LEAST nine friends (heck, the 4Square table at lunch can comfortably hold twelve . . . so, Booyah!).

Lately I haven't been going to bed before midnight and I of course want to be famous . . . why else would I be writing this stuff in a blog?

1 comment:

lulu said...

"The journey toward run-of-the-mill has never been so remarkable."

Huh? This guy (or gal, though we all know that gals can't be stand-ins for "average" when you're talking about BOTH sexes!) sounds like a downright stooge! Po-Jama people everywhere!

I thank the God that I don't believe in that I don't meet many of those average criteria. I eat MUCH more candy yet have all but one of my adult teeth (which cracked due to a faulty filling--and a lot of candy). S/He's never doubted the existence of God? What an expansive brain s/he must have!

Ugh. I need to comfort myself with a nice chunky peanut butter sandwich.