Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ted Olsen gets it right

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If you haven't read former Solicitor General Theodore Olsen's explaination for why California's Proposition 8 should be invalidated, and why--by extension--the right of gay couples to be married should be recognized at the federal (really, at all) level(s), I encourage you to sit down for ten minutes and read this article.

I know I'm late to the party here, given that this article has been in print for over a week. But the case is being argued right now and its ruling, now and at the higher appeals courts cases to come, will dictate the quality of life for many, many Americans.

Be honest and rational in your evaluation of the arguments presented within. Set aside whatever religious stance you may have on the issue of homosexuality and consider the legal, civil, fundamental issues of equality that are being presented here.

(I do wish, however, that the six-page article had the same amount of pages as the seven-page ad for antidepressant drug Seroquel. Sigh)

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