Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hannah's 2nd birthday

Hannah turns two years old today, as I've mentioned a few times already on Twitter and Facebook. She's having the most digital birthday of any of our previous kids. I've spent some time over the last few days wondering what I might write on her birthday post and I really couldn't come up with anything that didn't already sound like stuff that I had written for the other girls in other years. But then I realized that we would take some videos and some pictures that would (hopefully) let some of it stand on its own. Add up the photos and videos and you get a few thousands of words that are probably more interesting than than whatever I could say. But the only words that matter are these four:

Hannah, I love you.


Lynda got her all dressed up for some nice pictures. (She got breakfast jelly and cake frosting on her pants from earlier in the day. Not suitable for pictures as I'm sure you will agree.)

Here is a video of her getting ready to eat her cake.

And here is a video of her opening one of her presents.


You may know that Hannah is several years younger than her sisters. And the reason for that is because of me. I will admit that I had to be convinced to have a third child, as I thought that two kids was more than enough responsibility and work. But Lynda was patient and kept talking to me about it and made me realize that adding another person, another distinct personality, to our family would enrich our lives and make our family into something that it was not.

She, of course, was right. Hannah has been a wonderful blessing and a great enrichment to our family--which was, I admit, already pretty spectacular. I must also admit that she is at her most fun, engaging, and cute at the age of two. She still throws tantrums at times (and will continue to through the Terrible Twos and well into the Thunderous Threes . . . or whatever we choose to call it), but she is speaking so well and is full of excitement and thrills right now.

Congratulations little Hannah on becoming two years old. You are, and will always be, my favorite Banana.

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