Sunday, January 10, 2010

Image theory

If you didn't like my last post (Provided only minutes ago, so maybe you haven't had time to think about it . . . or even find the correct video, since I realized that you couldn't go directly to the LOST in 8:15 video from the main landing past of To do that you had to click on MORE VIDEOS to find it . . . well, anyway it is probably a bust.)

So to apologize for that mess, here is a different post, one in which you can be interactive.

First, take a look at this magazine cover:

Second: Please let me know (in the comments below) if you can discern any underlying design ethos or structural theory that dictates the placement of the individuals in this montage. Is Group A placed next to Person B for any reason that you can discover? Give it your best shot. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Thanks and happy theorizing.


jack thunder said...

my two theories:
1) the image is created by two primary variables: a fame index number (+) whose publicist has the most dirt on the publisher, (...crap, just noticed a third variable: it seems there's a pretty even distribution of people from different media companies, so maybe they're just covering all their advertisers),
2) [and this is more likely] the real editors haven't returned from the holidays yet and the interns put it together.

Unknown said...