Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"The cause of . . . and solution to all of life's problems."

We recently got a DVR at our house. (It was good timing, since our old DVD/VCR combo machine went belly up right before the Christmas holidays.)

Not only did we get a DVR, we also upgraded our cable with a few new channels that weren't in the last subscription. This combination of new options and effortless recording has proven to be pretty seductive. I've set up series recordings of the shows I habitually watch. But that doesn't really alter what came before. (Though it has shifted the hours at which we watch. Truly, I am become the Destroyer of Neilsen Ratings!)

What's REALLY dangerous to a TV fan such as I is the ease with which I can record 30Rock--a show I've admired but had only watched sporadically. Now I feel more compelled to record and watch as watch can. The complete ease of picking and choosing the specific shows I want and catching them when I want them just increases the commitment to televised entertainment. And when you consider that now I can record Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns on the newly acquired Logo channel . . . well, there aren't enough hours available. Shows I just couldn't get anymore and suddenly back into a passable rotation. And if I want to watch upstairs in the bedroom while falling asleep . . . why not?

Basically, I'm the master of my own network. And I choose to never let Jay Leno onto that network.

I'll admit that I didn't watch tons of late night TV (and still don't) and I have NEVER watched much of any incarnation of The Tonight Show. But I just don't like Leno, have never found him funny, and think the monkeys running NBC shot themselves in the foot by giving up so much of their time to Leno (cheapness be damned) and then never giving Conan enough time.

Sure, some argue that Conan has been prepping for fifteen years, so why give him more time. But being outside of the Tonight Show mystique (so called anyway) and having it focused on you is something else. And I just think Conan is funnier. And I don't like Leno. And NBC is run by idiots. And I'll take the chance here to say that while I didn't exactly (or at all, really) predict this would happen . . . I think you may agree that I wasn't supportive of the experiment in my NBC Fall Preview column.

Well, I think that is all I'm going to write about tonight. I've got lots of TV to watch after all. Sorry things have been pretty hit-and-miss lately. I'll try to find some other stuff to say soon. But I just haven't felt clearly motivated to craft anything. That's a pretty poor admission for someone who is blogging and then hoping people read it.

(Yeah, just quit while you are already behind, David.)

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