Friday, January 01, 2010

The first day of Twenty10

Nothing has yet happened in the new year, so let's take a few sentences and review what DID happen in '09.

I dove into the digital world with both feet this past year (even more than last year) by joining up on Twitter, Facebook, and using YouTube even more. Amazingly, my wife didn't divorce me and my kids continue to like me (most of the time).

I started out 2009 by pledging to write something on Why Won't You Grow?! every day . . . and for the first quarter of the year, I actually did it. Go back through the archives and just take a look at the daily posts in January, February, March. I think the wheels started to go off in April and by the end of the year the postings are spotty at best. But when you consider that I was tweeting and on Facebook all the time, I suspect not more than two days went by in 2009 where I didn't put a little piece of myself out there on the Internets for people to ignore.

The other major digital project for 2009 was, of course, Soup for a Year. And while I didn't even become Soup for a Month, it was a very interesting 15 days of soup-filled fun. Mike, Brie, and I learned more about eating liquid-based meals and money was actually raised for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.

I was heavily involved in digital work at my office job as well, but I don't usually go into those kinds of details here on WWYG?! so I won't talk that much about it now. As new things develop, I usually provide links to things and discuss them in oblique ways . . . and that is the way I'm keeping it. But the future looks pretty good for me at work--all things considered. There was certainly lots of ups and downs during the end of the year and many things have changed and are changing still. But I am excited about what may come.

So far today I've gone to the grocery store, played with the kids, started some laundry, and read some of a book on my iPhone. I hope I can continue to do all of those exciting  things in the year to come.

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