Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Won't You Flotsam!

Sorry that I've been away from the blog for few days. I have been working tennis back into my schedule and that (at least last night) slowed me down and made my body tired. So, I dozed on the couch for while, taking up the time that I might have otherwise dedicated to blogging.

So, what do I do given a few days of letting the blog lie fallow? Do I come back strong with a well-crafted, thought-provoking post about the meaty subjects of the day? (No.) Do I at least give you a highly detailed, compelling and entertaining description of what has been going on around me the last few days? (No.) So . . . random stuff I've seen on the Web?

(Now you're talking!)

Item 1: Here is a story about how Canadians are making use of previously used urban areas, but in an intelligent way. (I wish we'd find a way to do similar things with abandoned shopping blocks and vacant grocery stores.)
Item 2: You might know that Where the Wild Things Are is being developed as a movie from Spike Jonze (did I spell that right?), but I was unaware that Dave Eggers was also writing a book "loosely based" on the story--in conjunction with the movie. I am (sort of) an Eggers fan, and I thank him for pushing me toward learning about David Foster Wallace, so this book interests me.
Item 3: I don't have a link for this one, but Lynda is beside me beginning to watch Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ on Hulu.com. And it is making me remember how desperately I enjoy the Peter Gabriel soundtrack to that film. (I may just have to download it later tonight and listen to it all day tomorrow.)
Item 4: I wasn't aware that the Twitpocalypse had even been a problem. Thought, reading about it after the fact, I see that it is (being blamed for) the reason that my TweetMic iPhon app(lication) wasn't working as expected last week. I am looking forward to the app(lication) update that makes it serve my random audio needs flawlessly. You, of course, will also benefit.
Item 5: Terminator: Salvation might not have been the best. movie. ever. And the Japanese maybe love their robots a bit too much. But at least I'm not as embarrassed as I was before that I live perilously close to Big Butter Jesus.
Item 6: If you've been paying attention t me lately, you know I'm sloooowly making my way through The Prisoner DVDs. This British show first came to my attention years ago due to a Simpsons parody episode that intrigued me (as I didn't know the origin of the parody). And then, when the show's creator/producer/star Patrick McGoohan died a few months ago, I connected the dots. Finding out that The Prisoner has influenced LOST sealed the deal. And now I find out that AMC is working on a remake with Ian McKellan (and Mel Gibson's Jesus Christ!). I'll give it a try when they premiere.
Item 7: Now I finally have a marketable skill when the Zombieapocalypse hits! (This joke goes out to my lunchtime friends. Manys-a-time we've discussed what skills we could bring to an apocalyptic future. I didn't' think I had anything. Now I do . . . if I can pry my iPhone apart.)
Item 8: Long overdue update on The Hobbit film project--part a and part b.
Item 9: And don't forget about that fan-created movie on The Hunt for Gollum.
Item 10: In Star Trek, Yet Real Science news, here are two items of interest. I am excited that someone is beginning to figure out how I can eventually turn my leftover biological waste into tomorrow's meatloaf and Earl Grey tea. But the real science behind it is so . . . pedestrian and not at all sexy or fantastic seeming. (I guess that is why Science Fiction is so fictional.)
And, I never learned that Zefram Cochrane's first warp ship was shaped like a bicycle tire.
And finally . . .
Item 11: Twitpocalypse or not, Iranian protesters used Twitter all weekend to express their dismay over the results of their national election. Here, in this country, we used our technology in slightly less important ways.

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