Friday, June 12, 2009

What am I doing . . .

. . . blogging when I should be sleeping, especially when i don't really have any clear thing to blog about.

Well, that's not true.

If you've been following my Twitter feed or my (cross-posted) Facebook page the past few days you already know that I am simultaneously intrigued and frustrated by a new app(lication) that I downloaded on the iPhone. It's called TweetMic and it tantalizingly hints at a way to easily record my musings and post said musing as a link on my Twitter feed. (So long limiting--yet, sometimes koan-like challenging--140 character limit! And hello beautiful voice of David!)

But, the app(lication) seems to ONLY want to work with a WiFi connection. Unfortunately, the entire world is not WiFi'd up, especially around the office (where I should be working non-stop and not even thinking about worrying about a balky iPhone app(lication). But, still, that's okay because I've got WiFi at home . . . don't I?

Well, maybe I don't because when I tried to get it to work Thursday evening, I got a whole lot of nothing. Frustrating!

So, this highly dramatic battle between my expectations and reality has caused my Twitter posting to dry up into mostly nothing for the last few days. Simultaneously, I've not taken the time to write a blog post about anything.

I could try to recreate a highly amusing conversation I had at work yesterday, where we dreaming up ways to get corporate sponsorship for each of the chapters in a history book (you know, the Civil Rights chapter brought to you by the NAACP; the Civil War chapter brought to you by the Daughters of the Confederacy; the Industrialization chapter brought to you by Ford Motor Company). And the world history book leases out its sponsorship to the nations it profiles. It was much more complicated and amusing than I'm making it seem here. (Maybe if I could have recorded it using TweetMic . . . )

What else? Oh, yeah. I also downloaded a browser plug in suggested to me by Blogger that will automatically generate pictures and related links and other stuff based on my content--thereby saving me the trouble of trying to find it all myself. But, most of my posts are highly personal--and about people not commonly photographed or linked to on the Internet--so I don't know how much help it'll end up being for me (except for my Fall TV preview columns coming up in August and September).

So, um . . . anything else?

No, not now. I should just go to bed. I've got manuscript to rewrite in the morning and a few meetings.

For having no real ideas, I managed to bang something out in ten minutes. Not THAT bad.

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