Friday, June 12, 2009

Perhaps I've got a problem?

I was answering a friend's email today about the expanding variety of social networking Internet sites and how it's a very modern problem to struggle with with medium is best used when announcing good news.

My answer was this:

"I’d probably put up a tweet saying I had big news . . . then write a detailed (140+ characters!) description of the news on my blog. THEN I’d put up a new tweet indicating that my blog post was up and readable. (And, of course, my tweets would automatically cross-post over into my Facebook status.)

Now, if only I could work out how to video all of this, I could put that up on my YouTube page.

After all of that, THEN I’d take a nap.

But, that’s just me . . ."

1 comment:

j.thunder said...

and i would have read all of them, in roughly that order. it's basic Info Metabolism 2.0.