Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday at home

Both Hannah and I stayed home today--she with a slight fever that didn't worsen and I with a brief cold. Now we're outside with the other two girls in the backyard enjoying what seems to be shaping up as a pre-storm breeze.

Lynda is off for an extremely rare (work week!) night out with colleagues. And so I'm wimping out and taking the girls out for dinner soon. But I want them to enjoy the yard a bit before we go.

I'd say we should water the garden but a strong storm last night provided a good amount of rain. So much that I worried for our newly planted and vulnerable seeds. The tomato plants are still small enough in height not to be bothered by the wind, but I thought the soil would become overdamp and damage what just went in the ground two days ago. Considering the turmoil in getting it all started, to have it be sabotaged from the start would seem to be just about par for the course. (And yes, more details on THAT story is still coming.)

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