Sunday, June 29, 2008

You know you're in Georgia when . . .

. . . you are listening to a country song in the restroom of the Cracker Barrell (natch) and you hear the singer rhyme "kissing girls" with "shootin' squirrels."

(Really . . .)

The trip down yesterday afternoon and this morning have been very good all things considered. Hannah fussed a few times, but she wasn't unusual in that regard. It's not like everyone else has well-tempered angels all the time. We listened to lots of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and watched several Looney Tunes cartoons. We stopped for the night last night in Knoxville, so we made it through Kentucky and into Tennessee--further than we had expected to go. We had a comfortable night's sleep and Hannah was good enough to sleep in the second-hand Pack'n'Play that we picked up at Once Upon a Child prior to the trip.

Oddly enough, it is very mild weather in northern Atlanta (Alpharetta to be exact). The weather is upper 80s and a breeze as well. We plan to continue the journey tomorrow and arrive in Tifton (my home town) sometime after lunch. Then we'll be done with half-day journeys for a while and just settle in.

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