Saturday, June 28, 2008


This "D" could stand for Departure, Destination, Dunderhead, Drama.

Today we've got a lot going on. We've been finalizing our packing for the vacation; we've been tying up the loose ends from Grace's birthday party, and we've been trying not to beat each other senseless with our frustrations, anxiety, or any blunt object.

(Really, it's not that bad. I'm playing it up for Dramatic effect.)

We got most of the packing done last night--along with all of the relevant laundry. We also created a Star Wars bowling theme t-shirt to give away as a party favor for the kids coming to the party. (I'll try to provide a picture of the shirt at another date.) The birthday cake was just delivered, is very cool and looks very similar to this:

The detailing is a bit different on our cake and it was made by a local woman (check her out!) who actually gave us a deal on the price just so she could get the experience and put the image on her website. (And she even threw in some free, unasked-for cupcakes since kids might not eat the fondant.) I didn't tell her that since we are Departing Directly from Grace's party to begin our vacation travels, that some of the cake--extremely lamentably--might not get eaten by us. We are going to try and give it to the neighbors next door who will be attending the party.

But it's working out fine. We've got the car 85% packed, the older girls are at their Saturday gymnastics class, and when they get back it's a quick lunch that cleans out the refrigerator, finish loading the car, grab all the birthday supplies, cake, t-shirts, and cupcakes and we're all off to the bowling alley.

Once the party is over, we put stuff back in the car, pawn off any remaining cake/cupcakes, and hit the road going South. We'll see how far we can get today and stop somewhere in Kentucky for the night. Then off to MSquared's house in northern Hotlanta for a brief respite and night with cousins and family.

More to come as the excitement unfolds! Keep checking back.

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