Monday, June 23, 2008

Stuff I'm doing/have not done

Party Month this year is coinciding with a trip down to see family in Georgia. So, we going to have to juggle tying up the loose ends of getting Grace's party ready while also trying to finish the laundry, pack the suitcases, double check the list of stuff we have to bring (and don't forget to bring all that fancy, easy to pack, SUPER COMPACT baby stuff!), and also don't forget bikes, probably pillows, stuff to do IN the van . . . you get the idea.

But first, and foremost, we've got to get Grace's party sorted out and we have to do it before Saturday afternoon! But we'll find a way. And it'll be a Star Wars party in a bowling party and there will be a cake (more on THAT later) and hopefully other kids will be there and presents will be given/opened and surely . . . surely money will be spent.

So, no worries there.

But, as to the problems of blogging (do you ever have problems blogging?) I've got too many ideas and not enough gumption to stay up and finish them.

I've got:

  • chapter 3 of my thesis to continue transcribing to WWYWrite?!
  • new secret blog idea to continue developing and improving upon
  • post on Hermione Granger/wizard rock/essay submission to continue writing
  • strange features to understand on new blog/file sharing item that I haven't presented yet
So, I'm nowhere on any of this stuff yet and by the time the kids get to bed, I've got less energy to get out there and keep typing it. And I've got to keep losing weight, losing it until I am thinner than my sweet laptop.

Anyway, enough of this poor collection of ramblings.


lulu said...

Burb! You'll soon be razor-thin (and very expensive)!

Over the last few weeks I've bought all five of the Harry Potter movies and have watched almost all of them. It is not lost on me that I am surrendering to fantasy-land. Between Harry Potter and Sex and the City (just started season 4 today. again) I am making a run from reality. So thanks for mentioning it!

David said...

In general, I apologize for the poor quality of this type of post. I really should not even click SEND on this sort of placeholding, half-written, ill constructed junk.