Monday, June 09, 2008

More R.I.P.s

Within the last few weeks Tom Cruise struck again. (And I say this while watching The Firm on TV. Just trying to deflect the coming Cruise-related rage.)

In no particular order:

1. Composer Alexander Courage who made many contributions to the musical world, but is likely most famous for providing the Star Trek theme. If you want to learn a great deal more about Mr. Courage, here is a link to James Lilek's Diner podcast on the topic. Mr. Lileks is a Star Trek fan.

In that same Diner podcast, you will also learn that another composer Earle Hagen--famous for the Dick Van Dyke theme--also passed away about the same time as Courage.

Another famous musician, guitarist Bo Diddley, also passed on within the last few days. Everyone says that he was famous for creating the "Bo Diddley beat," a rhythm that was adopted by just about every famous rock-n-roller since the 1960s . . . but I don't know enough about musical history to say more than that. I knew him best for his Nike commercial with Bo Jackson.

And finally, say goodnight and good luck to famous comedian Harvey Corman. I "knew" Corman best for his many years on the Carol Burnett show--a great favorite of mine when I was young. I later caught up with his more "adult" work on Mel Brooks movies--like in "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein." But I always liked him best with the comedy troupe on CBS weeknights.


So, then the question becomes . . . how did such a wide variety of entertainers run afoul of Crazy Tom?

Well, if I had to guess, I suppose I'd say that a "Star Trek" rerun (and the resultant theme song) awoke Suri from a nap, causing lots of crying and fussing and whatnot.

Earle Hagen? Well, I don't know if the Cruise's watch a lot of Nik at Night, so they might not be seeing any "Dick Van Dyke" reruns. But, its been well-known that Scientologists have a strong dislike of whistling--since it enrages the thetans in the bloodstream and causes air current disturbances that attract unwanted alien attention. And one of Hagan's most famous TV performances is the whistling in the "Andy Griffith Show" theme. So, that daily/sometimes hourly performance was always a ticking time bomb.

Bo Diddley? Well, one of his songs--"She's Fine, She's Mine"--was featured in "The Color of Money," but since everyone thinks of only two things when that movie is mentioned (Paul Newman and Cruise's ridiculous pompadour hair), this didn't bode well for Diddley.

And then there is Corman. I think he simply felt that Corman's inability to prevent breaking character when acting a comedy bit with Tim Conway was an example of unprofessionalism. Such are the mistakes that can end a life.

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