Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Watch Pushing Daisies!

It'll probably be cancelled (Don't believe what you read. Be constantly ready for disaster.) since it's visual, clever, not explainable . . . all the stuff that never makes it on TV. (It reminds me of Twin Peaks in this way.)

It's got an Addams Family sensibility and color palate. Especially since Barry Sonnenfeld was involved.

There's women' cleavage everywhere. Seriously! I'm a bit surprised by how prevalent this unexpected element is in each of the episodes that I've watched.

It's freaking narrated by Jim Dale!

Some stranger's Wikipedia page about the show is here.

Television Without Pity recaps of the episodes you missed are here. You can also watch streaming Internet episodes of the show on Last night I caught up with the three episodes I missed while wasting my time with NBC's Bionic Woman.

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