Friday, October 26, 2007

Twin Peaks on DVD!!

[Since my morning has been spectacularly unproductive, as I searched for (four) hours to find a document that has taken me months to complete, I though I'd wrap up the void before lunch with a brief post on a media matter.]

Twin Peaks is coming out in a complete seasons 1 and 2 boxed set. Yes, it's been on DVD before, but fleetingly and then it disappeared.

(You can read David Lynch's thoughts on the DVD release here and get an EW review of the Gold edition boxed set here.)

Twin Peaks is one of the defining television shows of my youth? high school salad days? young adulthood? neonatal media awareness? Whatever time it was, the show meant a lot to me. I found it insanely quirky, strange, so unusual that it demanded to be watched.

I was one of those fanatics that held Twin Peaks parties at my house, serving pie and coffee to my nerdish brethren as we tried to unravel the details of Laura Palmer's murder. (I even dressed up in a suit to honor Kyle McLaughlin's FBI Agent Dale Cooper.) We fanatics--without the benefit of today's message boards, Internet fan sites, all everything else, tried to understand the strange things the denizens of Twin Peaks did and why they did them. I loved it all . . . and while I absolutely acknowledge that season 2 was a slowly developing train wreck that gave answers in the most confusing way possible, I still hung on to the bitter end.

My reactions to LOST today are hardwired by my experiences with TP back in 1990. My desire to sit through Lynch's mixture of good and bizarre films stem from this show . . . and Blue Velvet. If I'm honest, a lot of the reason that I have watched this year's show Reaper is because the actor playing The Devil is the one and only Leland Palmer--father of the deceased Laura.

To this day, I doubt I could coherently explain the ultimate resolutions (if there was one), but I desperately want to buy the DVDs and relive the entire experience. (I wonder if I'll be as frightened when Killer Bob crawls out from behind the couch. Along than Samara coming out of the TV in The Ring, that image of Bob is one of the scariest moments in my life.)

I'll bake the cherry pie, brew up the coffee, and give you a call.

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