Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Struggling to focus

I want to blog but I haven't found strong topics to write about. I felt like attempting to recap a few of the new shows that have premiered this Fall, but I can't convince myself to invest that much time in watching something (and probably something that isn't really worth watching once) several times to get all the nuances and jokes and dialogue bits.

So, the premiere episode of The Big Bang Theory that I downloaded for free from iTunes will likely stay unwatched and unappreciated. I think I'll delete it from my iPod so I can save more room for Wizard Rock tunes.

The most significant events in my life in the last several days involve our weekend trip down to Waycross, Georgia to attend my brother-in-law's marriage. Also, on the return trip, we took possession of Lynda's parent's van. First let me say that the van is a very nice ride. Cruising up the interstate in this baby was like driving a La-Z-Boy at 70 miles an hour. But La-Z-Boy's don't have cruise control, AC, fold-away seats, or a pretty nice stereo. It was also nice to be able to sit and stretch your legs from time to time. The kids appreciated the extra room (which I know will only be extra for another five months or so . . .)

The wedding was lovely and everything went well. I wasn't directly involved with a set role in the wedding itself--which was fine with me since we were travelling from a long way and scheduling would have introduced new problems in a wedding (which is always complicated enough). Since I wasn't "important" I tried to look after the kids now and then to free up others that had stuff to do. This caused a nice moment for me on Friday morning when I took Sarah, Grace, and my nephew to a small Waycross park and I was forcibly reminded of Tifton's Fulwood Park. It had the same sort of old-style metal tubing playground equipment with flaking paint. The ground itself was also exactly the same--clumps of grass with great expanses of sand. (You really understand that all of southern Georgia was once ancient seabed.) I enjoyed hanging out with the kids, swinging on the swingset and trying to remember some of my own childhood. It was also neat to find some cicada exoskeletons on the trees--something that the kid's didn't understand. I had vivid memories of finding them all over the pine trees of my childhood home, pulling them off and examining them. In such events and remembrances, my childhood is connected to my own children--though they will never appreciate that, I am sure.

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