Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Videos

Happy Halloween and Boo from the Martins!

We had a good night. I took the girls around the neighborhood--Grace as a Witch and Sarah as a Cheerleader. I played the part of a friendly neighborhood wizard.

We wandered up and down cul-de-sacs and on both sides of the main road that we live on. It was a bit chilly, so I carried the girls jackets as well as Grace's witch hat that she kept taking off.

They had a good time, as almost all kids do on Halloween. They were very polite and didn't forget to say "Thank You" whenever they received any candy. But I noticed that they didn't say "Trick or Treat" very much. Perhaps they said it very quietly--I stayed on the sidewalk and let them go up to the main door, but it sometimes seems that that particular phrase is going out of fashion? At least I thought so until we all got home and the older kids were unfailingly saying it every time they came up to the house.

It was my custom in the past few years to sit on the porch and man the candy while Lynda shepherded the kids up and down the street. (That way I could keep up a running blog commentary on the kids that visited our door.) (You can read previous Halloween blogs by manipulating the Archive Calendar, situated to the right.)

But since Lynda was "heavy with child" she wanted to stay at the door and let me do all the walking. But we all joined forces in the end, each of us in our costumes, hanging out on the porch in the dark, feeling the sugar rush kick in and enjoying the night breezes.

You can see the evidence of our chocolate induced madness here:

and watch it head further downhill here.

Eventually we all came inside, turned off the lights, brushed our teeth twice, and hit the sack.

A good Halloween night for all. I hope your night was fun as well.

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David said...

Sorry about the darkness of the videos. Next year, come by and hang out on the porch with us!