Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Swingset . . .

Well, I started work on the swingset project today.

I didn't think I would get a lot done since it was supposed to rain, but the bad weather held off nicely until it was getting dark and it was time for me to go in for dinner anyway.

But, I managed to construct the tower and the mid-level deck today, which I hope was the most complicated part of the project.

Here is the completed tower, in place where the old swingset used to be. Tomorrow I'll finish the side rails on the tower and start putting together the swing apparatus and the A-frame joist on the opposite side of the tower. Then there are all the accessories to attach like a steering wheel, a climbing net, a rock wall to put together, etc, etc.

And here is a fun video to give you a flavor of what I'm like when I'm struggling with drills and screws and 90+ degree weather with stifling humidity. (There is a bit of salty language here, so kids . . . "earmuffs!")


David said...

It didn't end up being as bad as all that, yelling or not.
Lynda was laughing about it, so you know it was all good natured fun!

Anonymous said...

I esp liked the way you compress your lips with every burst of speed on the drill. Mom

Anonymous said...

Dave - do you know for sure if the cateract developed before the swingset project, or could this have been a mis-diagnosis from all the sawdust and metal shavings you got in your eye from all that "close drilling" you are doing?
Just kidding; I salute you for taking on such a project. Do you have a spare battery for the drill?

David said...

Well, I am fairly certain that the cataract came before the drilling, since the diagnosis occurred before the video was taken.

(Way to make fun of my problems, MM . . . but seriously, I realize it's all in good fun.)

And yes, I do have a spare battery sitting in the charger at all times to ensure proper rotation of battery power.