Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor(ing) Day

My Labor Day weekend was a social one.

I threw a bit of a party for some lucky coworkers and friends on Saturday. We stayed outside almost exclusively and greatly enjoyed a large amount of fine food and wonderful breezy, sunny weather. The girls were, as always, excellently behaved and my party goers were kindly indulgent to their desire to show off and be a part of the fun.

On Sunday, we were unexpectedly invited to a church friend's house for another cookout and spent another day hanging out in a backyard, enjoyed grilled food while the kids played. Good times indeed.

Yesterday, we decided to buy a fancy wooden swingset/playset to replace our 1970s era swingset that we inherited with the house. In order to save $450 we (rashly?) decided that we (I, to be clear) would be able to put this thing together. Please note that we bought the one where all the wood was precut. If I had to do the precise cutting beforehand, we would NOT have considered the option of self-assembly.

So, after three trips to Andersons--one to purchase and realize we didn't have enough room in the back of our stationwagon, one to bring home the three boxes of wood and doo-dads, and one to bring home nine 4 x 8 posts--we spend the rest of the afternoon dismantling the old swingset and taking it's disassembled carcass to the curb. (We discovered this morning that scavengers came by in the night and took all the tubes and the swings, and I say bravo. I'd rather someone use it than have it pile up on a garbage heap.)

So, now I need to start measuring, drilling, and assembling the new play set. Don't worry. I'll keep you all posted on my progress--with pictures, but probably not with audio, since you don't need to be subjected to the cursing that is certain to occur.

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