Sunday, September 09, 2007

More about the swingset

Lynda and I continued to work on the swingset this afternoon, but we didn't get it completed like I'd hoped.

By the way, the instructions claim that you can construct the entire structure and get all the doo-dads up and ready to play in three to six hours.

I estimate that I am at least on hour six by now, day two, and can only say that the entire main structure is built and connected together.
I STILL have to 1. build the climbing slope (which will go on the left side up to the deck), 2. attach the climbing net and other climbing wall (which are jutting out from the left side into the back or are attached to the back of the tower, 3. attach the slide, 4. connect all of the vertical slats that enclose the observation deck, 5. hang the swings, 6. build the canopy cover above the tower . . . and then it'll be done!

I figure that'll take me another three to six hours? I guess you have to be a master carpenter to get it done in the time allotted? While I (and Lynda) are certainly not that, we have stuck in there and made admirable progress. Yesterday's efforts were, admittedly hard, but I attribute a lot of that to the heat and humidity. It was a bit (just a bit) cooler today once the mornings rains left. I am hopeful that by next weekend, all will be finished and the kids will be playing their hearts out.

And, in case you wondered whether we know what we're doing, check THIS picture out!

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Papa said...

Yeah, but think how satisfying it will feel when you finally finish the project!