Monday, September 17, 2007

Swingset, final

We finished the swingset on Saturday morning, just in time for the first breath of Autumn to roll into our backyard. The picture above is Friday night, when I still had a few items to finish. I got those installed the next morning in the morning chill. That's why the kids are wearing coats in the video below.

I am glad it's over. The three to six hour project took Lynda and I seven days of intermittent work to complete. I am guessing that it lasted around twelve to fifteen hours in the end, but I am happy.

As you can also see below, the kids and I have reached an agreement about what is expected of them.


Mike Martin said...

Well done, Dave. Sorry about the smart-a$$ comment last week about your drilling skillz. -MM

David said...

No worries, truly.

You know as well as anyone that I am very surprised to have survived this construction project with all of my digits intact and attached.

And anyone who's ever seen my drill things before wouldn't hesitate to ask the same questions you did.

Let's all hope that my children aren't found trapped beneath a detatched beam of pre-engineered lumber as we head into October.