Thursday, September 13, 2007

Swingset, part three

It's hour 12 or 13 or who knows what hour of the "three to six hour" project that began on Labor Day.

Things are progressing, as I hope you can tell. I've attached vertical slats to the inside of the observation tower and Lynda and I added the plastic canopy to make it weatherproof. You can't see in the twilight, but I have hung the two swings and even attached the plastic "climbing wall" that provides access to the observation tower deck.

Once it started to get dark and the mosquitos began to threaten, we went inside to get the kids to bed. And then Lynda and I spent the next two-and-a-half hours attaching the two halves of the slide together.

We had about half of the bolts threaded and secured before we noticed that the nuts were being pulled through the pre-drilled holes connecting the bottom and top half of the slide. So . . . what were we doing wrong? Turns out, we needed to place two washers on either side of the bolts. So, we had to undo all of the bolts we'd already completed and recomplete them.

It was hard and I am tired.

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Anonymous said...

And to think that there is an already assembled wooden swingset at my house in Ohio, and the buyers have no children.