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20.25 in 2006 (a 101 in 1001 review)

Back in February of 2005, I first posted the 101 in 1001 list. As I often do at the end of each year, I stop to take a bit of stock and see how things are going, either personally or on my 101 list.

Unfortunately, and possibly as a result of Blogger's move to the new design-which I STILL can't transfer over to, thanks very much, I can't access the original list. You can read my original post here if you like and see the periodic updates that I have made to it in the past.

But to see where things stand at the end of 2006, I am going to have to reproduce the entire listing here and place any new updates to it.

So, before we jump back in the car and drive back home to Ohio on Saturday afternoon, let's review.

101 in 1001
1. Reroof house. DONE 5/11/05
2. Replace gutters on house.
3. Visit California. DONE 8/17-24/05
4. Paint guest bedroom. DONE 4/14/05 by T.
5. Lose 5 lbs. Accomplished with laid up in hospital . . . promptly gained it back, so still pending? This is a perpetual, never-ending goal, so I'll never truly complete it--until I'm DEAD!!! Happy New Year!
6. Ride my bike once a week (in good weather, of course).
7. Read one book each year (for pleasure).
8. Fix lawnmower. DONE 5/1/05, but now re-broken (?), Used Shirtless's ancient mower for end of Summer/Fall; will buy new one in Spring?
9. Take kids to July 4th fireworks. DONE 7/2/05
10. Enroll Ariel in piano lessons.
11. Paint Ariel's room. DONE 4/15/05
12. Paint Ruth's room. DONE, but I don't remember what month in 2006. It is a beautiful purple color.
13. Paint our bathroom--apparently Tegan doesn't like that orangy-red color or the rooster wall border. (You just can't understand some people.) DONE in the flurry of 2006 painting that occurred when we did Ruth/Grace's room.
14. Paint deck. (Man, there is a whole lot of painting going on!) NOT DONE but we've since decided to tear down the deck and replace it with a patio. Those plans are pending until Springtime 2007 at the earliest.
15. Plant boxwoods beside deck.
16. Remove tree beside kitchen window. DONE 4/20/05, but the stump keeps producing small branches and leaves.
17. Watch four good foreign films . . . and I am willing to take all suggestions. 10/05--City of God . . . Talk to Her--11/06; does David Lynch films count as foreign?
18. Do some sort of physical activity as a family once a week--swimming, bike riding, walking . . . looks like painting is a strong contender in this category.
19. Join church activity--a new one each year. I started teaching Sunday school 9/05. We are now (as of Fall 2006 the Sunday School coordinators for our church, so we've stepped it up in this category.
20 Call family members at least once a month--not a problem for Tegan, but something that I should be working on. Sadly, I STILL suck at doing this.
21. Have at least three summer cook-outs for my friends. I don't think I pulled this one off then or this summer either. Sorry guys!
22. Frame the family caricatures. DONE 2/22/06
23. Play scrabble once a month with Tegan instead of watching whatever bad movie happens to be on television.
24. Teach Ariel to swim. Made good progress this summer. Not finished yet. Well, as of Summer 2006, we turned it over to Swim Class professionals. I think they are DONE and for those prices, they'd better be.
25. Make decision about having or not having another child. Still uncertain . . .
26. Remove junk from basement utility area--old paint, crappy metal shelving, other odds and ends. I actually kicked some organization butt this summer 2006 and whipped the basement into semi-shape. I'll call it DONE.
27. Purge junk from garage--stray wood, other bits of crud that is just bad looking. Stray wood in the rafters is still there, but I reconfigured shelving and made serious organizational progress here during summer 2006.
28. Replace mulch beside house with rocks--better to avoid water wicking against the foundation.
29. Get rid of ivy beside house. We already killed it off near the swingset. Mostly done!
30. Drink the champagne that we got when we closed on the house--over half a year ago! Don't we have anything worth celebrating?! DONE at some point . . . but I don't remember when. Must have been a helluva party?
31. Teach Ariel to ride her bike. She made progress this summer (2005), but not finished yet! Still not going anywhere fast on this one in 2006.
32. Limit myself to three desserts a week (that is going to be a hard one). HA! Getting nowhere here. Sigh, still a pipe dream.
33. Find a place to hang Ariel's and Ruth's art boards. DONE! 1/4/05
34. Put drawer guides on oldest dresser.
35. Paint dressers.
36. Get new family picture taken. DONE for Church this summer 2006.
37. Take more pictures.
38. Frame more pictures. I put up some good family pics and frames some of my favorites from our trip to San Francisco. 2/22/06
39. Display more pictures. Well, I'm posting some on Flickr; doing much better here in 2006!
40. Plan Spiderman 3 event . . . if I plan it now, it will be really good when the movie is ready!
41. Take Ariel to a baseball game in Cincinnati.
42. Get promoted (Burb and Tegan). Yes for Burb in October 2006, sadly not yet for Tegan/Lynda.
43. Develop new record storage system for home files, and get rid of the beat up filing cabinet we are using now. We've reorganized furniture during Thanksgiving 2006. Does that count?
44. Develop some better organizational system for the main floor play room. Done sometime in late May or early June. Further done by moving it all down to the basement at Thanksgiving 2006.
45. Play golf 4 times a year or hit golf balls more often at a driving range. Actually played in November, 2005.
46. Cook a French meal.
47. Eat at the "Refectory."
48. Visit a new state--not counting California, since we are going there on an anniversary trip in a few months. We went to Arizona during the Summer of 2006, so DONE.
49. Sell the Escort.
50. Teach Ruth to swim.
51. Teach Ariel how to tie her shoes. She can do this now, but I forget when I happened . . .
52. Go camping.
53. Buy a desk for Ariel's room.
54. Write an update letter to Dr. Hew Joiner and let him know how we are doing.
55. Buy some new luggage to replace the enormous black thing we call the BFL. (That stands for Big F*%@$ Luggage--an adaptation from the monogram on the second-hand suitcase. That thing is just TOO big.) DONE! 1/8/05
56. Go to UK basketball game in Lexington sometime.
57. Buy a nice cast iron skillet.
58. Use aforementioned cast iron skillet to cook steak once a month.
59. Get a new grill for outdoor cooking. DONE Father's Day 2006.
60. Get rid of old toys in basement and clean up the toy clutter. Started on 1/4/05. Probably as DONE as it'll ever be until kids move out of house.
61. Remove wood by backyard fence.
62. Buy and install shelves for bedrooms and den to display pictures (see # 39).
63. Purchase some Keen sandals to replace the ones that I currently have. (My mom swears by these sandals.) DONE on 5/1/05.
64. Set up a new savings account.
65. Alert Social Security Administration of new address . . . something we should have done before now, I am sure. Not a problem . . . as of the weekend of 5/1/05
66. Get trapped in an elevator during a power outage. Seriously! I really want this to happen to me sometime.
67. Get rid of weird spasmodic cough. It seems to be slowly going away (1/22/05)
68. Begin reading The Chronicles of Narnia to Ariel. Started 1/9/05, but never finished and now the movies are passing me.
69. Get my new pajama pants hemmed before I trip on the hem and fall down the stairs . . . for the SECOND time--that's right, I did it a few Saturday's ago and nearly DIED!! DONE! (thanks Tegan!) 1/17/05
70. Get iPod! DONE in mid-June 2005. Can I get a new one now in 2007?
71. Get a new CPU instead of getting a new laptop. Also DONE in mid-June 2005 but we ended up getting the iBook. In Fall 2006 we replaced the old desktop PC completely.
72. Transfer all programs and files from old CPU to newer one--conditional on accomplishing #71 of course. Also DONE in mid-June 2005.
73. Get a faster Internet connection--this dialup is just too slow, and since we aren't getting a new laptop, we can probably afford it. DONE 6/18/05.
74. Do taxes for 2004. DONE 4/10/05
75. Do taxes for 2005. DONE, before April 15, 2006, of course.
76. Do taxes for 2006.
77. Finish this LIST!!!! DONE 2/2/05
78. Build snowman with Ariel and Ruth. DONE 1/29/05
79. Paint a mural on the stairwell going down into the basement.
80. Repair driveway.
81. Fix sidewalk.
82. Get faucet in guest half-bath repaired. DONE 1/17/05
83. Get water heater repaired. DONE 1/17/05
84. Get my project at work completed . . . PLEASE! I am ready to move on to something new. Yeah, I got moved on to something else all right! Can you say "King Copyright" 2007? But now, as of 12/06 that is also done and I am onto the 2008 work.
85. Eat more soup.
86. Eat less chocolate.
87. Seriously, finish this list already! Again, DONE 2/2/05
88. Do something nice for Tegan on Valentine's day (and again, I am open to suggestions). I am sure whatever I did was nice, but I'll be switched if I can recall what it was.
89. Use the movie tickets. Used them 7/1/06 on Tegan's birthday. We left work early and both saw Batman Begins.
90. Fix TP hanger in kid's bathroom. DONE (thanks to T's dad) 4/13/05
91. Put good shelving in garage to better organize in there. Well, I made better use of the existing shelving during the summer of 2006, so I'll call that one DONE and done frugally at that.
92. Do more dusting and vacuuming around the house.
93. Clean the bathrooms more. (Which is violating a marital agreement that we set up a long time ago. But, I was young a foolish then. I am a better person now.)
94. Visit the Used Kids CD store.
95. Give
96. Up
97. With
98. This
99. List and
100. Move
101. ON! Sadly caved in and posted on 2/2/05

So, based on my calculations, I've accomplished several more items on this list in 2006 (20.25, I think if I am adding it all up correctly) and have made surprising progress in getting these done by the ending 1001 days. Who'd have thought, huh?

We'll see how things turn out at the end of 2007. I'll probably be sitting on a golden throne while orbiting the earth by then, but maybe my accomplishments will be a bit more modest.

Here's hoping your 2006 was as memorable as mine and 2007 turns out to be wicked awesome!

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