Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Georgia Christmas has begun!

We drove out of the building yesterday afternoon and headed down South into the rainy December night yesterday to kick off our holiday travel extravaganza.

Our car laden with people, suitcases, Christmas gifts, potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, apples, trail mix, juice boxes, a computer (with cigarette lighter AC adapter!), DVDs, an iPod loaded with seasonal (and not so seasonal) tunes, pillows, two different weights of coats (cause you just never know), and other things I'm probably trying to block out of my memory . . . we hit the road.

Driving at night can be tiring, but the girls are more inclined to sleep the hours away, it lends a certain giddy thrill to the tedium of the Interstate experience, and it doesn't make you give up an entire day of vacation.

We pulled into Cherry Log, Georgia (near Ellijay!) about 1:20 am to be greeted by bleary-eyed Nana and Papa. We unloaded, pajamaed-up, and piled back into beds. Hello Georgia!

Today is the first day of the rest of our vacation.

I'll keep you posted as all the thrilling events unfold!

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