Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Christmas? Well, that depends . . .

Actually, I've had a good Christmas so far, which I'll get to at the end.

Christmas Day at Cherry Log was nice and relaxing. I got the Beck CD that I wanted and even was able to design my own album art via the multitude of stickers that came along with the CD case. You know, for a wacked out Scientologist, Beck is pretty okay. :)

Sarah and Grace were thrilled with the multitude of pencils, notebooks, makeup and other accoutrements that they can now put in the new little purses they have received.

We drove to do Tifton Monday morning and spent the next day in Valdosta visiting with Lynda's brother and his son. The girls have had lots of fun playing with their cousins from all sides of the family, have enjoyed showing off their fun new toys and have enjoyed playing with the toys of everyone else. (But really, what kid isn't going to have fun when they get a new Christmas with a new set of family every second or third day?)

My family all managed to get together at Mom and Dad's house over the last few days. We opened all of our presents last night and opened our stockings as well, which is usually where you find some chocolates, some fruit, and assorted nuts. But, as I was beginning to open my stocking last night, I saw my brother Muleskinner get the attention of my other brother, MSquared. He pointed me out silently, and then I saw that others were also beginning to look my way.

I wondered if my hair was sticking up or if I had something hanging out of my nose. I even asked "What?!" but no one would say anything, so I went about pulling the packages out of my stocking.

As expected, I found some assorted chocolates and another small wrapped bag (similar to everyone else's). But I thought everyone was still staring at me and I was missing something.

I soon found out when I opened my wrapped bag. Inside I found that thing that everyone warns you might come your way at Christmas, but you never REALLY expect to get it . . .


I got COAL in my stocking!!!

Never did I ever expect this to happen, but it did and everyone seemed to be in on the joke but me, which explains why everyone was laughing and pointing and waiting to see my reaction.

Apparently, it was Dad's idea and he admitted that it wasn't actual coal but was instead charcoal. But the effect, you have to admit, was pretty damaging no matter what. It's a good thing I am pretty secure in myself and in my own inherent goodness to not let this most crippling of Christmas experiences crush my own sense of self or anything like that.

And you have to admit, it was a pretty good joke. Do you know anyone that has ever actually received coal in their stocking at Christmas?


Sven Golly said...

which begs the question of what you did to deserve the notorious lump of coal.

and while I'm sniping, WWWWWH is Cherry Log? a new menu item at Stuckey's?

15 yard penalty for redundancy: 'wacked-out scientologist'

David said...

The short answer to your question, Sven, is that I did NOTHING to deserve such a psychically scarring event.

That's just how my family rolls.

Sven Golly said...

IN MY DAY, we didn't have no coal in our stockings, because we didn't have no coal, and we didn't have no stockings...AND WE LIKED IT!

David said...

Oh, and to answer your OTHER question, Cherrry Log is NOT a new item from Stuckeys, but is the geographical location of Lynda's parent's cabin home in the N. Georgia mountains.