Friday, December 15, 2006

I am Jack's Angry Half?

Why is Jack Shephard so angry?

Why is the resident doctor on LOSTaway Island so full of rage? We know that Jack never passes up a chance to yell at people--deserved or not--but maybe he is angry that recent spoiler news for an upcoming February episode of LOST will show his relationship with actress Bai Ling. Speculation is that she will be involved in the tattoos that Dr. Jack has on his shoulder.

Yeah. Thanks LOST producers.

We don't want to know where the island is,
how the passengers survived the crash,
who the Others are,
what the DHARMA initiative is,
who Ben is,
why all the passengers know each other,
what the smoke monster is,
why everyone keeps seeing visions of the dead,
visions of horses,
religious visions,
mysterious dreams,
why Locke can walk,
why Locke once lost the ability to walk,
why Locke was able to walk again later,
what the whispers are,
how the Black Rock was shipwrecked in the middle of the island,
what happened to the electric cable on the beach,
what happened to Rousseau,
who Alex is,
why the Others wanted "Good People,"
what the Numbers mean,
what happened when the Hatch imploded,
why Desmond is now clairvoyant,
if Michael and Walt got away from the island,
if Walt was superpowered,
if Claire's baby is evil,
whether Kate and Sawyer escaped from the cages,
if Jack let Ben die on the operating table,
what the 4-toed foot statue meant,
whether Penelope was really looking for Desmond,
who the Portuguese radio operators were at the end of season 2,
whether the Portuguese radio guy really was Matthew Fox,
who is Jacob,
and what about Jacob's mysterious list,
or why were all those notebooks from the ? station being dumped in the middle of a field.

Yep, I'm really glad that we're FINALLY gonna get the lowdown on Jack's tattoos.

(I hope the tattoos at least caused the plane to crash.)

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