Monday, January 01, 2007

2007? Bring it ON!

So, how did you spend the first day of the new year?

Mine started off with a bang! (The fireworks were loud at midnight for a few minutes but didn't wake the kids up, thank goodness.

I slept until 8:30 this morning, something that is surely NOT a harbinger of things to come for the coming year. And then the power promptly went out for about an hour or so this morning. But things were soon restored. Lynda restocked our vacation-impaired panty shelves and the girls played on the computer for a while and played with some of their new Christmas gifts.

I made a pot of lentil soup, which I will eat on this week at lunch. I hope to make more soups this year, both as a efficient use of money and as a good, healthy source of lunch. It's also one of my 101 goals that I can safely achieve in this, my last 13 months or so of the 1001 days.

Tonight we took the girls over to a friends house for dinner and now the kids are settling down into bed in preparation for the return of routine. I hope we can all successfully put back on the mantle of work, school, dinner, homework, deadlines, anxiety, and all of the other elements of life that separate us from vacation and make vacations worth going on.

I hope your First Day was relaxing and satisfying and that it is a day that you will be happy to repeat throughout the coming 364 days.


Anonymous said...

So you restocked your vacation-deplinished "panty" shelves, did you? Must have been some vacation.

David said...

Oh bother!

Typos are bad enough, but sexually-themed (and INCORRECT) typos caught by your mom are even worse.

Obviously, I need to work on my copy reviewing skills a bit more.