Sunday, January 07, 2007

Random Entries Sunday

I had a brief discussion with my next door cube mate Thursday afternoon (the day I actually started typing notes for this post. She is BSG fan and she told me there were rumors flying that Katee Sackoff's Starbuck character is going to be killed off sometime after the show returns Sunday January 21. Now, I don't believe that and I certainly don't want that to happen. I thought is that any reports that Sackoff wants off the show probably has to do with contract negotiations (the Nick Saban school of negotiating?). But I have a solution if she does go . . .

I suggested to my cube neighbor that the show's writers make Starbuck undergo gender reassignment surgery. Then Starbuck can remain on the show as a man, Sackoff gets to leave and the BSG purists are glad that Starbuck's gender has been restored to it's original conception. Now, the writers could also make Dirk Benedict the actor that steps in to play the newly conceived Starbuck. (This would also make the nostalgic purists happy). But here's the biggest twist of all. Allow Apollo to stay in love with now-male-Starbuck because when he looks in Starbuck's eyes, he still see Kara Thrace staring back at him, just like Belle did at the end of Beauty and the Beast.

Why aren't I writing television? And Ronald D. Moore, why aren't you reading this?

Have you see the Harry Potter clothes at Hot Topic (thanks The Leaky Cauldron). Do these kids look like Potter fans? What do Potter fans look like?

The ever informative Entertainment Weekly blog, Popwatch told me the other day about Wil Wheaton's posted commentaries of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes. As the Popwatch article indicates, Wheaton was there and now, apparently, doesn't have any problems letting us all know what he saw, what he remembers, and even what he didn't like. All this coming from the actor who played one of the most reviled Star Trek characters in the entire (almost) half century of the Star Trek franchise's existence. Great stuff!

(Back to Battlestar Galactica . . . ) Ron Moore's statement that I heard in a BSG podcast--that "you can't be truly adult until your parents are dead" made me sit up a bit. Luckily I don't have that problem, and I instantly rebel against that idea. However, it does flow into my realization lately that I am aging--and I realize that I'm not as old as many of my readers so keep your sarcastic comments to yourself or voice them in the quiet of your own reading space--but I have noticed more gray hairs in my beard lately and I found myself staring at my face in the mirror last night. When I stare in the mirror, I have always been able to see (mostly) the same face that I've always seen, but--either psychosomatically or really--I thought I was noticing a different face looking back at me for the first time. Of course, that essential quality of my face will always be there (baring fire or skin grafts) but that face was deeper below the surface than I remember in the past. This is mostly ramble and probably either narcissistic or insulting to others, but it's (mostly) stream of consciousness and suited to a collection of random ideas and thoughts.

Lastly, here are some interesting bits from a website that Popwatch told me about-- It's a kind of site that let's you see (someone else's opinion about) how music and movies connect to one another. So, if you like . . . oh, I don't know . . . Beck, you might also like some group called Grandaddy. If I like Mel Gibson's film, liveplasma suggests that I give Rob Minkoff's "The Haunted Mansion" and Peter Hogan's "Peter Pan" a try. The reasons for these choices are, I am sure, clear deep within the HTML coding of the liveplasma website, but I'll be darned if I can understand it right now. I'll have to keep searching until I can find the meta-individual that bridges all entertainment/media outlets into one Einsteinian whole.

Of course, if they'd program ME into the site, that search would end pretty quickly. :)

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Sven Golly said...

Voices off:

"So what he's really after is a unified field theory of..."

"No, don't say it"

"...pop culture."

"Yes, like Thomas Merton's 'Cables to the Ace', the electronic master code."

"Which will mutate as soon as it's there."

(to be continued)