Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snowy, silent Sunday

Well, we finally got some snow today, the first decent snow of the season for this area.

It was snowing when we got up this morning and it didn't look like it was coming down very hard. There was maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch of snow in the road and in the driveway, but not sticking on the grass. But soon after we started eating breakfast, we looked out the window and saw that the intensity of the snow was picking up and the flakes were getting larger.

I had hoped to avoid shoveling the driveway, but when we stepped out to head to church, I thought it was best if we quickly grabbed a shovel and a broom and pushed the snow out of the way enough for one car to get down the driveway.

Naturally, the roads weren't plowed at all as the snow was in process of coming down. (The neighborhood streets are hardly ever plowed unless the snow is really strong. But even the main surface roads and the highways weren't plowed.) So, we gingerly drove to church; it probably took twice as long, but there weren't any real problems.

When we got home, Sarah and I got out and finished shoveling the rest of the driveway. The snow itself wasn't icy/sticky enough to make a snowman or even make any snowballs, but Sarah and I also tossed some clumps of snow at each other just to acknowledge Good Form (as Captain Hook might say).

Back inside I enjoyed the smell of my split pea soup that I had started in the crock pot before we left for church. (I've made three successive soups over the last three weekends. The lentil was only passable. The potato soup of last week was tasty, but it was thicker than it should have been and the recipe called for too much grated cheese in the end. Today's split pea seems a bit watery, but it'll probably taste good.)

Right now, I'm alone in my appreciation of the soup smell. That is true for two reasons. First, Lynda and the girls don't really like split pea soup and second they aren't here to smell it anyway. They left about an hour ago to see "The Frog Prince" at the downtown Columbus Children's Theater.

I've stayed home to relax a bit and finish my soup, to do a bit of work. I also need to start some food for dinner when the girls get back. (The soup is mostly for me to take for lunch during the week.)

So, that's where things are today. Tonight I'll try to do a bit more work, but more importantly, I'll be watching the return of Battlestar Galactica at 10 pm.

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