Monday, August 07, 2006

Sarah's 6th

There were 16 kids . . .

. . . the horror . . . the HORROR!!

(I'm only kidding. Everything went very well actually.)

I'll try to get more detailed later this week, but for now here are two pictures of Sarah's big birthday party on Saturday.

The big activity on the hot Saturday afternoon was playing in the backyard. We set up the inflatable pool and provided many small buckets of water and lots of sponges. The goal was for the kids to mercilessly pelt each other with sponges, hopefully cooling each other off and not causing grievous bodily injury. The parents that hung around stayed up on the porch to watch.

Everything went well. Only one instance of crying. The kids tended to hoard sponges and unleash a great deal at once against a lesser protected opponent, a sort of sponge arms race. Mutually assured destruction?

In an interesting twist, all the girls gathered in the pool and left the boys on the outside looking in. That later changed as strategies (what there were of them) and alliances (where there any?) declined.

After the water play, everyone came in, dried off, and commenced to eating the cake (which turned out great by the way). The look on Sarah's face in this photo is priceless.

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Sven Golly said...

cool transparent pool, courageous parents, life is good!