Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"It will be the talk of the town in Prague."

What do you think the quote that serves as this post title is referring to?

A new international agreement hashed out at the UN?

Some new art project by Christo (the one who wraps buildings in colored cloth)?

The latest runway fashions?

Well, the answer is No, N0, and No.

The REAL talk of Prague is in regards to the status of Pluto. And no, I'm not talking about Mickey Mouse's dog.

I mean the planet Pluto.

Or should I say "planet." That's right. Despite what you, I, and everyone around us has been taught for generations, astronomers are disputing the definition of planet--with regards to Pluto and other small astral bodies.

My immediate reaction is conservative--"Don't tread on my planets!" or "Not in MY solar system."

But isn't there a problem either way? If Pluto is too dinky to be a planet, then the holy meme of 9 planets in their sacred, memorized order is forever thrown into question. But if Pluto IS a planet, then maybe the number is expanded and even more dinky space objects get added, throwing off today's accepted grouping in the other direction.

Knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

What do YOU want?

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lulu said...

I would argue along the lines of science being cumulative. It's no skin off my nose (unless the ozone hole is really getting bigger) either way. I can learn a new rhyme, and I won't marry it.