Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Idea rescinded

I have removed the post that I wrote last night.

A reader pointed out (kindly and indirectly . . . but clearly) that it wasn't in the best of taste.

So, easily deleted and I'll try to do better next time.


David said...

The lesson is to constantly check for updates . . . EVERY FIVE MINUTES!!!

Trust me, you didn't miss anything of value--hense the problem. It was something dashed off without considering the import of the idea.

Just forget about it. I'll do something equally trivial but less potentially embarassing next time round.

lulu said...

Well now I feel like frickin' McCarthy! You're going to sic George Clooney on me, I know it!

I NEVER and WOULD NEVER suggest that you do away with the post! It was rather odd, to me. For some reason, I never thought to see ANY of those women in that way. The fact that you did is just part of what makes you fabulous you. Sure, I said "creepy", but that's just me.

And the "in their prime" part, well, I was just wondering if you'd take that on. We all know how you hate women, Burb. I know that you meant that in the worst possible way.
; D

David said...

I didn't remove it because I felt attacked. Your comments just made me reconsider and I thought that people might take offense.

In the end, it was a stupid thing that might potentially annoy people more than it would be of any other interest.

So, removing is the better part of valor.

No worries, Lulu.

Spec said...


Through the magic of the internet I was able to reclaim this lost post of yours. With your permission, I would like to post it on my own site. If you would rather have the whole thing die, I understand. But it is available if you'd like.
That's one thing about have no moral stand: I can post anything and people just cast it off as 'Spec being Spec.' Since you actually have a good standing in society, it comes as a shock when you post something like that. But I'll keep it alive for you if you'd like.

David said...

I want to know how you recovered it?

That's the sort of magic that I need to know.

As for resurrecting it, I'm torn. I feel that deleting it has overinflated its "importance" and made it more of an "issue" that it probably ever was in the first place. (I should have learned this in college when the Catholic Church made such a ruckus over The Last Temptation of Christ, guaranteeing that more people would see it than would have otherwise.

If I had done nothing, it probably would have been buried off the main page in a few days and effectively removed from people's minds.

Let me think about it a bit more.