Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sarah's newest book

Along with Sarah's isolated Young Rembrandt artwork, she also recently built, wrote, and illustrated her own book. I think you will recognize the story she has reproduced here, but I think she did a great job.

Lynda helped put the booklet of blank pages together (it's folded and gathered just like a real book) but Sarah wrote all the words and drew all of the pictures. While there are some mis-spelling of words here and there, Sarah did an admirable job. She sounded out everything phonetically (as kindergarten kids learning to read sometimes do). While I think you could figure out the story without it, I translate the story text at the bottom of each page.

Here is the title page, which needs no further explanation. But I want to point out to anyone who is familiar with the Disney version of the story (upon which Sarah based her story) that she has faithfully captured the picture of a scullery maid scrubbing the floors while soap bubbles float around her.

Here's the first two pages of the story. Once upon a time there was a Cinderella that was an old maid. (I think she is giving a incorrect impression that Cinderella was a spinster here, but you can see how she made the mistake, right?)

While it took two pages to get it right, the story continues: But she did not do all these by herself.(You can see that Cinderella has animal friends that helped her get the large amounts of work done.)

But that is not all; oh, and my fairy godmother too. (The animals made her a dress along with helping her do all the chores. And her fairy godmother helped out as well.)

My step-sisters. They tore my dress up! But my fairy godmother is here to the rescue. (You can see the pumpkin coach in the background and three mice trying to escape the fairy godmother as she is about to turn them into horses.)

And they went to the castle. When she got into the kingdom, she got to dance to the prince.

And it was the strike (?) of twelve. She ran as fast as she could. And she left her slipper behind her.

When she got back, she went to bed. The prince was looking for the girl that would fit the slipper.

But her stepmother had locked her in her room. Then her mouse friends got her out.

And she got down in no time at all. And she got married and they lived happily ever after. The end.

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flipper said...

About the one question mark you have in your comments, I believe she meant, "And it was the stroke of twelve!"

Very good job, Sarah! She really hit all of the main points. I love her mouse drawings.

And I guess if she wants to believe all of that "happily ever after" crap, it won't hurt her much, for now . . .

(Just kidding! :)