Saturday, April 08, 2006


Sarah completed her final Young Rembrandt art class this past Thursday. I think it was a successful endeavor because it gave her a structured method in which to explore some of her art skills and it gave me a great resource of blog ideas.

I hope she'll be willing and interested in enrolling in the later classes as she gets older. I think she will get better as time goes on.

But, in celebration of her hard work, here are her final art pieces. As usual, she never completely finishes coloring them, but I think you can see what is what.

Here is a nice, dynamic picture of a soccer player dribbling the ball down the field.

This, naturally, is a picture of a safe cracker breaking into a bank vault. No, not really. It's a chameleon sitting on a branch.

This is a set of billiard balls, all racked and ready. The cue stick is laying across the corner of the table.

I dearly wish Sarah had been able to finish this one and color it. It is actually based on an actual French painter whose name I don't remember. But I think you can see the basic structure of the image. A man and woman walk on a sidewalk alongside a cobbled street. In the background is a suspension bridge.
What I like as much as anything about this image is the shape of the woman's body-the silhouette of the dress and the style of the dress really evoke the era of the original painting.

Thanks Young Rembrandt! I think you really helped Sarah improve her style. Now I just have to get her to see that art doesn't have to be confined to a classroom and anything is suitable for reproduction at any time.

All it takes is inspiration.


Sven Golly said...

I LOVE the grinning, running, dribbling soccer player with spikey hair! With clouds in the background, she's as fast as the wind!! Cautious Mr. Chameleon, on the other hand, is contemplating his next move. Or else he heard the bank alarm go off, and he's thinking, "Oh shit." My favorite, however, is the study in stripes and solids, whose dynamic use of geometric shapes (symbolic of canvas, pigments, pallette) leads the viewer's eye around the visual field, returning to the cue stick (symbolic of paint brush) and the impending action. I can almost smell the cigar smoke.

Anonymous said...

They are all great. I would buy one. For serious. My favorites are the pool balls and the chameleon.

My mother-in-law has a print of the last picture hanging up in her bathroom. It was fun to see this version.

If you want any of Sarah's drawings translated in quilt form, let me know. I've seen a couple of quilts that are fabric replicas of children's drawings and they are REALLY cool. The train, the chameleon--I'm inspired. And I'd be happy to help her make one, too--she'd probably have fun rummaging through my thousands of yards of fabric!

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