Monday, April 10, 2006

AAAArgh . . . kids!

I love my kids and in many ways I also live for my kids.

But they can work my last nerve.

Sarah threw up at school this morning, but she didn't have a fever. (I'm not entirely surprised by this, since Grace threw up Saturday night. We were almost expecting this.)

So, I got all my deadlines for today wrapped up and left work early at 2 pm to pick her up and let her rest at home. I thought she would feel happy that I came to get her early.

Rule #1: never try to predict the emotional state of a five-year-old girl.

She was happy to see me, but things went downhill a bit when we got home.

Since it was already the afternoon, I got Grace as well. When we got home I have Grace her afternoon snack but Sarah wanted the same thing.

[PARENTAL ASIDE--when you have a child with a sensitive stomach/potential stomach "thing" accepted practice now is to limit the child to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, (dry) Toast) to prevent the upset stomach from working hard to digest.]

So, I limited Sarah's snack to a small bit of applesauce, dry toast, and water. She was upset that Grace's snack was so much more fabulous.

[NOTE--when Grace was recovering on Sunday, we did EXACTLY the same thing. Grace complained while Sarah ate cheese, drank milk, etc. Do you think Sarah remembers/cares about this fact while she is the one affected?]

Sarah's weepy attitude during the episode further confirms a suspicion that I sometime have that she exaggerates her symptoms to get out of school early/stay home/be pampered. I don't suggest that she faked throwing up (cause I know she didn't) but I do think she thinks of being sick as some sort of holiday and doesn't understand the reality of the cause and effect relationship that kicks in here.

And YES, I do know that she is only 5-years-old (going on 6), but she demonstrates her maturity as other points. Are we supposed to have selective expectations?

So, for all you childless singletons . . . reason #15874 that you don't want to have kids.

(And yet, I still love/live for them.)

(Sorry . . . I felt I had to put that back in there.)

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