Monday, April 17, 2006

Random Monday

Here's a picture of me Mum and Dad. Since we weren't there for Easter this year, they carried on the tradition of taking Easter photos by themselves. It's a good picture.


In other news, I've made some slight changes to WWYG's appearance. If you examine the sidebar column to your right, you might notice that I have broken up my list of websites into descriptive categories. That way, when you take my advice and look at the best sites I know of on the web, you can target your act of obedience and make an informed choice. You're welcome.

Also, you might notice a smallish orange button that says XML. This provides access to my XML/RSS site feed. If you don't know what this means, I'll endeavor to explain.

A website's RSS feeds is (I think) a stripped down version, no fancy formatting, no fonts, etc. People who do a lot of web-reading or habitually visit a group of sites (say mine) a RSS feed gives you quick access to new material.

Mac user's may use Safari's built in RSS reader. Mozilla Firefox users also have built in RSS readers to make the subscription to website feeds easy. If you don't have either of these web browsers you can use Google's reader or something else. Just search for "RSS reader" and see what you like.

You don't need to use RSS at all to enjoy my site, but it sometimes makes it easier to know when new material has been posted as soon as it occurs. If you really want to know what I think as I think it, you are now able to take advantage of this new functionality item.


And, since it's Monday, my newest resurrection of The Authority Speaks is up and running on Why Won't You Write?!.

Have a great day!


flipper said...

I gotta tell you--it's posts such as these that make me fear we in lowly editorial are going to lose you one day to the glamorous world of IT. According to some radio ads I've heard recently, the starting salary is "often as high as $67,000"!

Seriously, I didn't understand anything after the first paragraph, but good for you for doing . . . whatever you've done with RSS and whatnot.

David said...

Ha! If ONLY I was talented enough to do that sort of thing (or if it was intellectually challenging enough . . . I MUST be intellectually stimulated!)

Wait until I try to explain my current plans to create my own collective DHAK-like website. I even emailed the webmaster of DHAK (also of the best tv-related clothing site out there, Glarkware) for some advise. He sent me to a website that I am seriously going to have trouble understanding . . . but I'll do it!

Stay tuned.