Monday, April 03, 2006

My Old House

Here are various photos from our recent weekend of further home repair. Because Lynda can't sit still, she has decided, much to the delight of Shirtless Wonder, to tackle the guest bathroom walls next. Gone is the wide green and white striped wall paper. But what did we find underneath? Well, it was this:

In case you can't appreciate what that wall looks like, I tried to take a closeup of the wall here:

It has a dirty pink color quality to it. I don't like it.

Lynda also found a strange graphic image on the wall behind where the bath vanity light was mounted. It looks strangely like some sort of advertisement, but it looks a bit like something from another era . . . maybe that is because there is some sort of banjo image visible in the mid-center of the photo. If anyone recognizes where this is from, let me know.

You can see the words CLAM BAK & CHO SOC. I choose to believe that this is accurately translated, CLAM BAKE & CHOCOLATE SOCIAL. Why, don't know.

The image of the circular banjo resonator body can be seen to the left of the central wiring.

I am also including pictures of my inept handiwork over the past two days. The first image is of the dastardly screws that I inexpertly placed in the wall to hold up the mounting bracket for a master bath towel hook. You can't really see it here, but the screws aren't tightly flush with the wall and the bracket isn't ready to support any sort of hook.

The other photo is for the sink cabinet doors in the newly painted master bath. Lynda painted the cabinet a slate green color to coordinate with the blue color on the walls. It was my job to remount the cabinet fronts to the box and reattach the door pulls, etc. Naturally, the VERY FIRST THING that I accomplished last night was to scrape the new paint underneath the door pull and leave a mark. So, there you go everyone.
I suck.
Don't ask me to do anything handy in your house.

For more evidence of stuff I can't do very well, please visit the latest edition of my old college sports article The Authority Speaks.

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