Monday, August 09, 2010

BEDAu Day 9: Tiger & Don

Work and home life are pressing, pressing, pressing me to do other things tonight, so I don't have a lot of anticipated time to blog frivolously.

Luckily for me, my brother MSquared sent me a good email today that I am going to mostly cut and paste without even asking his permission. (Though it should be noted, I am attributing the content to him . . .)

He asked: "Did Don Draper and Tiger Woods bottom out on the same day?"

Tiger Woods refers to the famous golfer, who famously was caught in infidelity and has famously sucked at golf ever since. But, apparently, even for Tiger, there are levels of bad golfing that even he had not experienced before. The specific day of "bottoming out" in question was this past Sunday, right here in the grand state of Ohio. (You can see video of the details here.)

The Don Draper being referred to is the main character played by John Hamm in the AMC show "Mad Men" which is airing its fourth season right now.

(And, don't worry . . . nothing referred to below is a major spoiler . . . really . . . but if you are a "Mad Men" fan who doesn't want to know anything at all before you watch, then here is your 









Okay, have they left?

MSquared observed the following interesting parallels between Tiger Woods and Don Draper.

They are:

- "Both married former models who were gorgeous but somehow not good enough.
- Both were in car accidents resulting in facial lacerations. (Draper was
bailed out by Peggy and Tiger was bailed out by incompetent police work.)
- Both were the best at what they did, now both are facing an uncertain
- Both went thru mistresses sometimes two or more at a time until they were
exposed against their will, at which point their professional and personal
worlds changed dramatically.
- Draper fired himself and started his own agency; Tiger fired Hank Haney to
"go it alone."
- Tiger has a half-brother (actually two - Earl's sons by his first wife)
who he has very little to do with (although no word if either half-brother
has hanged himself).
- Tiger dumped the name "Eldrick" just as convincingly as Draper dropped
"Dick Whitman."  (It was not a secret process but do you really think he is
any less disgusted with who "Eldrick Woods" used to be than Don Draper is
with the former Dick Whitman?)"

- [I've redacted the last observation, not because it's not a good one, but because WWYG?! is a family blog.]

As I said, there is no way that I can convincingly argue against his observations.

(Unwitting) thanks go to you MSquared!

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