Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BEDAu Day 10: Small Things I am Sad About

I am typing tonight's post on my iBook G4, the laptop I've had for about five years now. And it has been serviceable and done its job. But it is obsolete now and there is something that one of the kids jammed into the disk drive slot that is causing it to make a continuously (annoying) sound whenever it is being used. AND the U key is loose and always wobbling around. AND it just doesn't run very fast any more. AND AND AND.

Times change, technology moves on at a much faster pace than my families budget or my job's salary can keep up. So we'll soldier on for a while yet. Eventually it'll get replaced.


In other things that I am sad about, I just went outside in the deepening dark to turn off the water that Lynda was using to trickle on some of our backyard plants. And I noticed (as I always do  these many years) that it hurts for me to walk barefoot outside.

Lord knows that I have had many, MANY foot problems in my life. And perhaps my feet are more sensitive as I get older? Or maybe I'm just smarter and more self-aware then I was as a five-year-old kid. But I remember being outside and barefoot a LOT as a youngster. And now, it just is a painful prospect.

I know the ground on my property is pretty rocky underneath. And we probably don't give the yard enough water to keep it "supple" or whatever . . . but it just hurts, you know?

I'm sure that you probably don't care. Just slip on some sandals or flip flops or whatever. Quit complaining about stupid stuff! you're thinking. Well, that's just not always a convenient thing for me to do, okay? Do YOU have a pair of shoes/slipper/sandals/flip flops ready and waiting for you beside every door . . . ready to be put on your feet at any moment . . . regardless of what door you are choosing and for whatever the duration?

If you do, I declare you a slob who needs to pick up after him/herself more often.


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