Saturday, August 07, 2010

BEDAu Day 7: The missing post and other stuff

I don't quite know why last night's post hasn't yet shown up, but I did write one. (It's located here if you are looking for it.)

I'll make sure it gets integrated into the WWYG?! flow of posts once it finds its way back from whatever Internet nether world it has slipped into.

Now, on to new things.

Sarah and Grace and I went on a bike ride this afternoon after lunch. It was initially just a test run so that Grace could get familiar with the route to school (which begins in about three weeks), so that she and Sarah could ride bikes to school together this fall and spring. Once there, we spent a little bit of time playing on the school playground and chatting about what usually happens at recess.

Sarah described it as all of the boys playing sports over here or over there . . . while she (presumably) watched. I get the feeling that Sarah spends a lot of time watching--either the boys from afar or her friends as they do something. It worries me a bit that she isn't more active in shaping her own decisions . . . but she is only ten, I guess. I hope soon enough she'll be making all the (right?) decisions.

Grace's description of her recess is a bit different. It consisted of her ordering everyone around to what she wanted to do and getting the girls to chase the boys. Yep, Grace has never lacked for assertiveness.


After we did that for a while, I decided to test their bike riding skills a bit more and we rode down Walnut Street, finally cutting across on the bike path to College and then down to Serendipity for some refreshments. We sat on the front porch swing of the old converted house and drank water and ate ice cream (well, they ate ice cream anyway).

After that we got back on the bike trail and rode over to County Line Road, then up alongside County Line, cutting through Tower Park, down Spring Road and back onto Nicole.

It was a good ride for all of us and Grace did remarkably well. She proved beyond any doubt that she can handle riding a couple of blocks down the road to school.


Once home again, I grilled some barbecue chicken (got it a bit dry unfortunately), paired it up with baked potatoes and corn. The girls mixed in some play time with our next door neighbor's daughter who we haven't seen much of this summer.

Now, showers are being taken and I am debating whether I'll try to do any productive work tonight once everyone is in bed.

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