Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BEDAu Day 17: Most atypical song?

So, as I was driving down to Louisville over the weekend--alone, remember since Lynda and the girls had leaft a day earlier--I was flipping around on the radio, testing out the "repaired" satellite radio in the van. And for the time that the Sirius was coming through nicely, I flipped over the the "80s on 8" channel and the "90s on 9" channel and I alternated back and forth between the two as mediocre songs forced me to switch.

And, at some point, midway to Louisville on I-71, I flip back over the "90s on 9" to avoid some terrible 80s song that even nostalgia can't redeem . . . and I get House of Pain.

And when you hear House of Pain, that can (most likely) only mean one song.

"Jump Around."

And as I always do, when "Jump Around" shows up . . . I listen.

I've got it on my iPhone. It's in my iTunes. I just really enjoy that song.

And as I listened, I thought to myself whether it would surprise others to know that I really, really like "Jump Around." Does that fit whatever image of me they have? Would they consider this atypical of David?

So, here is my question to you tonight (or whenever you get around to reading this). What do YOU think is a song that you believe is something at odds with how you believe others perceive you? Is there a song that you absolutely love, but you think others would be surprised to learn of it?

Leave me a comment describing how you would answer these questions.

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j. thunder said...

since nearly everyone perceives me very wrongly, i wouldn't know where to start. but good question. i look forward to hearing others'.