Sunday, August 15, 2010

BEDAu Day 15: Do I have to?

Well, do I?

Since I already let yesterday go without a post, this might give me permission to just move on. But only missing one day does not equal failure. We may fall short of the goal, but the effort remains.

We returned from our brief visit to Louisville today. We saw cousin T. marry L. with much rejoicing from the H. extended family. There was no time to do much else and see things in Louisville that I've not seen before (such as the campus where my mom went to college, just down the road from where Cousin T. is now attending seminary and where Lynda's dad also attended seminary.

It is interesting how all of our connections may possibly entertained if we stretch them far enough and look within them deeply enough. And yet three (or four . . . or more) lives intertwined this weekend--two by choice and more by circumstance.

It can be a good lesson to remember as we work and play and live together all the time. We don't always agree and we sometimes rub each other the wrong way. But we are sometimes more connected than we realize. Understanding that can make our problems end more quickly.

And that's all I've got to say tonight.

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