Sunday, August 22, 2010

BEDAu Day 22: Meanwhile . . .

Yeah, I took a few days off from my month-long effort, confirming why I can't grow a group of readers any faster. (Because I can't be trusted?)

But I'm back (today) with a random video that I won't replace and should probably learn how to edit and add some interesting production values to in order to make it more pleasing. But . . . this isn't my job . . . and it shows.

(Jeez, enough with the self-criticism. Just get the video off the camera, download to YouTube, and get it out there.)

That'll probably be completed by 10:30 this evening. I'll edit this post with the finished video as soon as it is ready.

Later . . . 6:45 to be exact.

I got the video downloaded to YouTube a while back but I haven't had time to drop the code into Why Won't You Grow?! until now.


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