Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Wrap up of the last few days

Well it has been a busy couple of days here in Tifton.

All of the family has arrived from Greater Atlanta, Athens, and a few blocks away.

We have eaten several excellent meals prepared by either my sister, my mom, or my dad.

Ruth has been simultaneously fascinated and frightened by brother #2's (hereafter referred to as Muleskinner) toy dachshund named Rupert--after the Survivor character. She constantly refers to Rupert by some strange phrase that sounds either like "I see dog" or "[Muleskinner's] dog." (I trust that you understand that she is not saying "Muleskinner."

Ariel has had tons of fun running around with her three other girl cousins. They have run all around in the back yard, played all kinds of games, played with toys, etc. It is always so valuable for her to interact with her family and with other kids in such a constant way. And I know that she does this at school every day, but it is nice to see her do it with family.

Today I played golf with Dad, Muleskinner, and brother #1 (hereafter known as MSquared). Because I haven't played in practically two years, I (of course) sucked. Basically money thrown away, creating the vicious cycle in which I say that I won't waste money like that again and therefore don't get any better.

The adults have gotten the kids to bed and are going to play a game now--probably some kind of card game. We have already played several different card games before tonight. Last night we played 7-card stud poker and I ended up winning the last game of the night. Tonight, I don't know what the game will be.

BTW, Ariel is having her first sleep-over with her cousin L. tonight at my sister's house. We'll see if she braves it or gets scared. I am ready to get a phone call later tonight, but right now she and L. are watching a story and eating popcorn.

Well, the game is getting underway and there is lots of yummy dessert to eat. Later.

Step count (since last time): 6670.

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