Thursday, December 30, 2004

Further scenes from South Georgia

We are almost ready to come home. The travels back to the North Georgia cabin begins tomorrow and then we return to our (hopefully thawed out) home on Saturday.

All the traveling family members have moved on to their homes or to go visit other friends. We are spending some downtime with mom and dad, enjoying the ridiculously nice weather.

For your reference, the temperature here right now is about 71 degrees. It is bright, sunny, and beautiful.

The two things that would make me come back to Georgia are amply displayed on this trip--incredibly nice (winter) weather and family much closer by.

There are, of course, some problems with living down here. One such example is the level of intelligence by a lot of the people (in Tifton, specifically) and the lack of "culture." Now, as regular readers of WWYG?! know, I am really big on culture of all kinds. I am very high-falutin'. But there are some things that I won't accept.

For example . . . in Alapaha, a small town about 20 miles from here, the mysterious and legendary "Hogzilla" has been a focal point since its discovery and slaying a few years back.

As you can see from the linked article above, people in this area have a strange fascination with this animal, raising it to the level of a "festival."

It's a sad thing, I can tell you. The Tifton Gazette, the hometown newspaper, even ran a top-of-the-fold headline story on it today, claiming that it was on the "Not Quite" Top 10 events of the past year, as determined by some media service that does this sort of national, human interest story.

So . . . that is not all that great, but the weather has been fabulous lately. I know that the summers are awful, but the winters are something special.

We'll be traveling home, but many of you constant readers can expect to see me on Monday. My southern drawl might be a bit more pronounced when I return, but I trust you will be able to understand me.

Have a safe New Year's Eve.

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