Sunday, December 26, 2004

Personal timeline of reflection

25 years ago: I was 8. I was in third grade. I frankly don't remember a whole lot about it. It was Len Lastinger Elementary School, which I walked to from my childhood home (briefly through the woods, down a few streets and there you were.) I was a intensely anxious kid when young--taking everything very seriously--so much so that my parents worried about my anxiety leve. This was a brief topic we discussed this morning during breakfast. I think I have mellowed since then, now only really, really worrying about stuff that really needs it--I hope.

20 years ago: I was 13, eighth grade. I think I got glasses at this point. I was a short kid and my glasses were not the most stylish in the world--sort of brown, tortoise shell. Kind of scarcely shaped. Basically I looked like a goofy kid with glasses, a bad haircut, and snaggly teeth. The braces would later help my teeth and my glasses eventually became better. I experimented with contacts for a bit in high school, but later felt they were more a nuisance than they were worth. Plus the glasses make me look more intellectual, don't you think?

15 Years ago:I was 18. I graduated from high school. I had a girlfriend (Betsy) who was a year younger than me. I had many fun experiences in high school, due to my band friends and my Science Olympiad friends. I got to travel around the country quite a bit thanks to the Science Olympiad competitions we were involved in. My favorite subject in school was probably human anatomy and I loved the skeletal system. I wanted to head off to college the following year and study anthropology, with the goal of being a forensic anthropologist--somebody that identifies bodies (like on CSI). As you can tell, those plans worked out really well.

10 Years ago: I was 23. I was preparing to get married to Tegan that summer. I had just graduated from college with a bachelors degree in Anthropology and History. I was just getting ready to start my masters degree study in U.S. history at the same college.

5 years ago: I was 28. Tegan and I were preparing to start trying to have children. I had finished my masters degree and had moved to Ohio to start work on my doctorate in American history. My plan was to get a Ph.D. then find a university job somewhere and teach, living a good old, academic lifestyle. Tegan had worked for the first six months or so of our time in Ohio at a tutorial center and had recently started working at our current place of employment.

3 years ago: I turned 30 and Tegan thoroughly humiliated me at work (where I was into my second year as a full-time contract project worker. She made up many signs with pictures of me at various stages of my youth and posted them all around my side of the building so all of my coworkers could gawk at me and point and laugh. Ariel was about one year old. We were in our first real house--a smallish affair and things were pretty good for us.

1 year ago: I was 32. Ruth, our second daughter was born. I was into my third/fourth year as a project worker at my company. I had/have many friends there and Tegan was doing very well at her job, getting promoted and working very hard to earn her department mucho bucks on a New York project. Ariel was three, a great deal of fun and adjusted to the addition of another child very well.

This year: I am 33. This year has been marked by the move from our first house into our second house, a much larger affair, much closer to work. I was finally hired on full-time this past October. I lost a few work friends this year (meaning they left the workplace, but they are still friends). Ariel is four and Ruth is currently a year-and-a-half. Both are great fun and very smart. This year is, of course, the year of the blog.

Yesterday: See yesterday's post. I am visiting my family in Georgia and having a very quiet, cold (but sunny bright) Christmas.

Today: We are awaiting the arrival of brother #1 and his family We will open Christmas presents later this afternoon after a "Christmas" dinner. I went out to the pharmacy this morning to get eyedrops for Ruth. She has developed a case of pink eye and we are hoping to keep it under control.

Tomorrow: More fun with family. Probably some games at night once the kids are asleep.

My life has definitely progressed well. So many blessing from family, friends, and a great deal of luxuries and simple pleasures.

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