Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas day malaise

Well today has been a bit of a slow day, because we are postponing the opening of presents, etc. until tomorrow when Brother #1 and his family arrive in town.

But Ariel hasn't kicked up any kind of fuss, which is nice. Dad has said the most about it, but he is sort of a kid at Christmas anyway.

Right now the whole clan is back at my sister's house. We finished dinner that she prepared and dessert/coffee is being prepared right now. Brother #2 arrived with his wife a few hours ago, so the gang is almost all here.

Today was pretty cold and rained off and on. No snow, but I heard that there was snow in states to the west of Georgia.

I successfully called our house today and the answering machine picked up, so I hope that means we have operating electricity. I hope that also means that our pipes haven't frozen and aren't preparing to burst.

I am really trying not to obsess about that possibility, especially since we can't do a thing about it until we return.

Anyway, I think I'll sign off to eat some apple pie and drink a bit of coffee.

Merry Christmas.

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