Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Michael Moore, the Oscars, and "Farenheit 9/11"

Moore to Pursue Best Picture Oscar

As you might notice from the comment that Jack Thunder made on my most recent Garden State post, Michael Moore is back in the headlines again. Mr. Thunder and Dr. Actually (who send me this link displayed above) alerted me to the fact that "Farenheit 9/11" is not going to compete for Best Documentary Film at the Academy Awards this February. Instead, it will be pushed for Best Picture.

As I understand it, nothing has been decided yet--certainly the official nominations haven't even been announced yet. So, the plans here are simply that, plans. But, I don't think the Academy will balk at this chance to stir up interest in the Awards show. They will probably choose to agree with Miramax and only nominate the film in the Best Picture category. This will certainly be THE topic of the awards ceremony and is sure to generate ratings . . . which is what the Academy is really interested in anyway. Now, if only the awards could be moved up to October, THEN we would have something of a REAL "October Surprise."

But, alas, this won't happen.

So, is Moore behind this strategy or is it the Weinsteins? My money is on the Weinstein brothers. I think that Moore is more interested in getting Bush out of office than winning himself another Academy Award, and while this certainly raises the profile of his film again, I don't think he is doing it. Harvey Weinstein, however, can operate his company regardless of who the president is. This manuever makes this film the topic of the moment (as evidenced by the fact that we are discussing it in this web forum). And, I sort of believe Moore when he says that getting out of the Documentary category frees it up for other interesting films that are very strong this year.

Will the film win Best Picture? My vote is no. Whether or not the film is good enough to win, the Academy voters won't touch this with a ten foot pole. Bush may be polarizing to people, but I don't see enough people making this kind of statement, especially when this vote won't get him out of office. Sorry Mr. Moore, but No Oscar for You!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I think this act is more Harvey than Moore. Because: I think Moore has true/political/activist purpose for his film, and (i'm thinking) the most effective end for the film would be to have it on tv.
This news says to me that Moore lost to Harvey (or just couldn't manage to get it on tv which does not seem possible to me) and that the move into the Best Pic. category is for Miramaximum publicity.

I still think it's a cool move, tho. It's retarded that a doc. could not be considered as a Best Picture.
Although I can foresee Rush Limbaugh having a coronary claiming that this is vindication that "Fahr.9/11" was fiction all along.

I wonder what the chances are of a nomination. I think it'll be a good political test for the schizo/multi-polar Academy.

--Jack "Anonymity Is Dead" Thunder